Nichole kuykendall
                                                                                                  dember 1, 2011
                                                                                                    english - britt

                               The Right To Follow Your dreams

        As well as being created for controling the power of the federal government, the bill of rights was made to protect our unalienable rights. the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. many psychologist would argue that it is the most important aspect in a persons life to be happy. if a person is unhappy they become depressed and pessimistic with a rather dark persona wich could cause suicide and random acts of crime. For most people, to be happy, they need a sense of purpose, a goal, to set their heart on and a star to wish upon. the reason for law is to keep happiness and peace in its peoples hearts.
	Part of being happy is following your dreams. The feeling of accomplishments and making your loved ones proud. Some dream to be doctors and veternarians, some just want to have a family, and some dream a little bigger. Some dream of fame, fortune, and recognition. but there is one type of girl who dreams of helping the world be a more beautiful place. And dreams of beauty and grace, elegance and taste with a crown of love and dress of hope. She dreams of being Miss Universe.
	Getting most of my information straight from the miss universe web page -, the pageants first started in 1952, long beach, california by catalina swimwear. It was just  a modest loal 'bathing beauty' competition on the beach. but the people loved the entertainment, the suspense and excitment. The girls loved competing and winning. The local competitions soon transformed into an international, every year thing. Millions of people watched and enjoyed the pageant. the simple contest has evolved into a powerful organization that advances and supports many opportunities for all of its contestants; win or loose. On top of being an icon of beauty, they represent many charitable organizations. They help people with AIDS in foreign countries as their main focus. As well as empowering women and families suffering from poverty and bad work conditions by teaching them to make beautiful expensive bracelets and sell them at local markets. the organization pays the women about fifteen cents more then the average women so they can afford to feed their family and travel the distance to work, all workers also recieve one hot meal a day. the jobs they provide also keep the women from having to work in factories with abuse and little pay giving them hope to be able to provide for their families with more ease. the Miss Universe winners provide these women with more then just pay and a hot meal, these women are provided with a blessing; knowledge, and realization that they are worth more then the abusive and low paying jobs most women work at.
	for some of the women in the pageants, they dont just wish for the iconic value, but for the personal value of all the charity work being done. they just want to help somebody and travel somewhere. these pageants create a platform for all these things to get done.	
	the entire bill of rights is centerd on the people being able to live life as they please. wether having to do with their religon, posting something in an article or social network and on television, or bringing together a group of people with a common belief. the laws arent simply here for the sake of law; but to keep big government from taking advantage of their power over the people. the bill of rights assures that its people are free, but there is no way to assure the people can afford to pursue as they please.
	there are certain requirments such as age and marital status. and to actually win, you do have to have some sort of competetive edge and training. if you dont have these things, its impossible for you to win any of these pageants. you are free to pursue any dream you may have in mind wether its to be miss universe or own your own business. this is were  our ability to be free to follow our dreams and do what we love gets a little twisted. you see; dreams require money, because nothing in life is free including freedom itself. the pageants are sponsored by high dollar name brands such a austraian gold and chinese laundry.someone must pay for the things needed and payment required for the workers. it costs alot of money to support the expenses provided through these organizations. it costs alot of money to compete in the pageants as well. the women are hard core competers, most have been competing for years and buy the best products to impress the judges. wich is why the contestants find sponsors as well. such as family member or businesses.
	the requirments can also cause a set cannot have any children or ever have been married. so if by chance a dreaming woman got married, then decided to pursue her dreams and get a divorce; she would be unable to qualify.
	sometimes; life isnt as simple as grabbing up wich ever opportunity you please, no matter how deserving. one choice can ruin or create your entire life and aspirations. the paths we choose wether we know it or not have great consequences on our future. although we ARE free to follow wich ever inhibition we choose to concieve as what we have always wished for, we also must pay our way there; wether it be money or in a metaphoric sort of way.
	either way, free or expensive, a dreamer simply must follow their dreams into the land of love and happiness, or they simply cannot survive. if you can afford your dreams, you sure can follow them!