• Think about who the ideal audience would be for your ethnography.
    • Who could benefit from what you've observed?
    • Can this project directly impact the way your chosen discourse community is perceived?

Outline Revision

  • The activity today requires your outlining homework and a partner.
    • Find them both!
    • I'll explain what we're doing with them as soon as you're ready...


  • Use your expanded outlines to guide your rough drafts.
    • Take what you discussed today and incorporate things you've discovered from your bibliographic research!
    • Are there historical, social, economic, or political aspects of your discourse community that are reinforced by or contradicted in the media?
    • Is there a hierarchy of power in your discourse community? How does your data represent it?
  • Bring your drafts in printed form on Friday so that I can give you written feedback on Monday!
  • On Monday, we're meeting for a Writing Center presentation in the Writing Center!
    • This counts for both Composition and Seminar, but we'll meet at your Composition time.