The Argument Essay

  • What questions do you have about the essay?
  • What did you learn from the example in your book?

Addressing Library-phobia

  • Use serendipity to your advantage - spend some time between the bookshelves and see what turns up
  • If you are stuck on something, go back to the big picture - check encyclopedias and see what makes more sense now that you have done some research
  • Ask an expert - if you respect the amount of work an expert has done on your topic, they will more than likely share as much of their expertise with you as you would like to know, so look for some experts!

Formulating a Thesis

  • Compose your thoughts around whatever sources your have found so far.
  • Write for ten minutes about the process of discovery that led you to those sources, thinking about your initial conceptualization, your discoveries along the way, and what knowledge you feel you have acquired already.
  • Write again, this time thinking about specific examples (stories, people, observations) that stand out to you. Try to explain them in as much detail as you can.
  • Write one more time in the form of a dialogue between yourself and someone you are talking to about your topic. Start by answering the question you think they would most likely ask you if they found out that you were researching this topic.

This activity should help begin your writing for your paper. Free pre-writing (drafting)! yay!

FYC Discussion

example FYC presentations

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  • Begin drafting for your paper
  • Email me any ideas you have come up with for your thesis so that we can discuss on Tuesday or through email.