• Today's freewrite should be about the big picture in your research.
    • How would you describe the overall conversation of your topic, based on your sources?
    • Are there any urgently expressed perspectives? Is this a pressing issue?
    • Who stands to benefit from any action taken in regard to your topic?
    • How widespread or broad (local, national, global) is the discussion about your topic? What aspect of it is most relevant to your topic angle?

Putting It Into Words

  • As a further step in drafting your Perspectives Essay, I'd like you to spend time today adapting your ideas from today's freewrite to fit into your earlier ideas for this part of the assignment.
    • But first (to help you do this)...
  • Let's look at the Grading Rubric!
    • After we discuss this, I'll give you some time to write before we talk about:

Revisions for Annotations

  • Now that you've got some ideas about your perspectives, let's talk about whether your Annotations reflect them!

Putting It All Together

  • Your Perspectives Essay should:
    • Mention a specific topic angle in the introduction
    • Provide details, not generalizations
    • Describe bias as part of perspective
    • Use distinct claims about the sources (with parenthetical citations, if needed)
    • Compare the perspective in a brief conclusion
  • Your Annotations should:
    • Summarize, in your own words and without having to quote from the source, what the piece is all about.
    • Assess the credibility of the source based on author's qualifications, publication motives and credentials, how you accessed it, and whatever else demonstrates the authority of the source.
    • Reflect on how this particular piece fits into the overall discussion of your topic, based on specific claims
  • Your Annotations should NOT:
    • Be full of fluff. More than half a page to two thirds of a page is too much annotation.
    • Point out what kind of source it is. The citation explains this already.


  • Bring your Annotated Bibliography to class Monday (electronically is fine) for review!