• You should be at least halfway through Charlotte Temple at this point.
    • Think about the practice analysis that you presented in class on Friday.
    • The songs you presented demonstrated some American ideals, including some about relationships, gender roles, and independence.
    • With these in mind, how would you describe or define the rights of women in America?
  • Freewrite about the rights of American women!

Connecting Rhetoric

  • Now we're going to do a little more challenging analysis!
    • This time, the "song" lyrics you're going to analyze are from an even more familiar author: Rowson's Poem
  • First, read the poem individually. Take your time and look for specific things that she describes as the Rights of Women.
  • Once you've had time to think about this on your own, we'll get into groups and describe these rights from particular perspectives!
    • Group #1 will be examining the rights described in the poem from the perspective of 19th century men, like Montraville or Charlotte's father.
    • Group #2 will be examining the rights described in the poem from the perspective of 19th century women, like LaRue or Charlotte.
    • Group #3 will be doing the same, but from the perspective of modern men, and
    • Group #4 will examine it from modern women's perspective.
  • As you analyze this, try to answer the following questions:
    • What emotional impact would this have on my group's audience?
    • What political or ethical standpoint does this poem reflect?
    • Why should or shouldn't my group's audience agree with, or be persuaded by, her rhetoric?
    • What specific language from the poem demonstrates this?
  • When we have about seven minutes left in class, we'll discuss these together!


  • Read some more Charlotte Temple!
    • While you read, consider what other topics are important to 19th-century Americans and how those topics are reflected in today's America.
    • Consider what topics are most interesting to you and list your top three.
    • Bring your three choices to class Wednesday!