Section 172

  • See you in the Library at noon!
  • Sign up for Friday conferences!


  • Let's begin by discussing the book you found in your library visit last week!
    • How does this book represent a particular discourse community?
    • What kind of language does it use? Is it familiar or foreign to you?
    • Did you have different expectations from a library book than what you found?
    • How does this connect to the Ethnography description?

Discourse Communities!

  • So what do we do with this?
  • Let's take some time to review the project descriptions that we'll be working with for the rest of the semester!
    • What parts of our Ethnography project seem to be the most important?
    • What kinds of research do you recognize and have experience with?
    • What genres of research materials are you most interested in using (books, magazines, academic journals, film, music, personal interviews, observations, websites)?
    • How might each of these genres specifically address the needs of the Ethnography?
  • In order to better prepare for this research, let's work in your Writing Teams to create some guiding questions for your methods!
  • Some basic questions to begin with might be:
    • How does your selected group constitute a discourse community?
    • How is this group represented in the media?
    • What types of languages are used in this community?
    • How might being part of your chosen group impact who you are/will be?
  • Each group will be responsible for contributing one question to our overall list.
    • Because there will surely be some overlap, your group should create a list of at least 5 questions!
    • Once everyone has their lists together, we'll share them as a class to create a master list.
  • Next, we're going to spend some time adding to your collection of research!
    • Before we begin, let's review the library resources at our disposal...
    • Quick review!
  • So...what are you going to research?
    • The last thing we need to get done before we can get down to the research is to narrow down your topics!
    • Let's talk about how topic narrowing works and how it applies to your chosen Ethnography group/community.
    • Now take your ideas and, as accurately as you can, define the group you are interested in researching here!
  • After you've got this listed, we'll take a break!


  • For the second half of our class today, I'd like you to complete some specific research that makes use of the lab's technology.
    • Use your handout to complete some initial research.
    • From this, you'll be able to put together your Bibliography Drafts, so be thorough!
    • This sheet will count as a homework grade and is due Wednesday; however, if you get it done today, you're off the hook!
  • Rita and I will be helping you get this done, so take advantage of our expertise!


  • The last thing you need to do today is to complete a quick survey about your library experience! The librarians (and Rita and I) thank you!


  • Turn in your research sheet either before you leave or at the beginning of class Wednesday.
    • Don't forget that you're (sections 174 & 175) meeting here again on Wednesday at 10am!