• Take out your homework materials, then take a minute to reflect on the library instruction from Friday.
    • What is your first impression of the book you found?
    • Have you ever read anything like this before?
    • Why would someone write a book like this?
  • After reflecting, I'll ask you to freewrite for a few minutes.

Research In Perspective

  • We're going to access material through the Library website. You can find the link to the library guide in the sidebar!
    • First, you'll need to access your homework article. Do you have the full text available?
    • Once you're there, click on "Academic Search Complete". Look familiar?
    • The next step gets a little tricky, so pay close attention! You're going to access a specific database called NewspaperSource to search from. In order to get there, you'll need to click on "Choose Databases" (at the top of the screen), then click on "detailed view" (also at the top). This will bring you to a catalog of databases, from which you'll need to scroll down to find NewspaperSource. Under it, you'll find a "title list" link, which you will click on.
    • Let's talk about what all this crazy business is!
  • Comparison
    • Now, you're going to find a news article to compare to the article you found for homework!
    • Let's determine some key words based on your homework article.
    • Once you've found an article based on the terms from your journal source, spend about ten minutes comparing the two.
    • What are the genres represented here?
  • Answer as many of the following rhetorical questions, as best you can, based on each of the two articles:
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • What language suggests that the audiences are different (e.g. is there a different tone, what different term/jargon is used for the same concept)
    • Are claims stated subtly or overtly?
    • What sources are referenced? Are they reliable?
    • What kind of bias can you detect?
  • Discussion!
    • Let's discuss what you've found!

Primary Source

  • Charlotte Temple as a primary source (primary vs. secondary sources)
  • Work Cited for your Rhetorical Analysis: You need this page at the end of your Rhetorical Analysis!
    • Use the following info to create your citation:
      • Author: Susanna Rowson
      • Title: Charlotte Temple
      • Publisher: Oxford University Press
      • Publication Location: New York
      • Publication Date: 1986

Topic discussion

  • Time permitting....


  • Read Penrose and Geisler's Reading and Writing Without Authority on page 602 of WAW
  • Make revisions to your Rhetorical Analysis (due Friday!) and bring an electronic version of it to class on Wednesday.