Online Citations Generators

  • Noodletools Go to "Noodlebib Express" link at the bottom of the page
  • Knight Cite Cut the lengh of the article title, beware!
  • Easybib Does not list city and state, so this needs to be added.

Group Activity

Get into groups and discuss your review articles. Find one topic that another group member has chosen that might have correlation to your own. "Cluster" this topic by writing down the main idea, then branching off related ideas in as many directions as come to your mind.

Take your clustered ideas and write down what you think are the three most important to your own research. Use these ideas to help think about your own research from new angles.

First Draft Due!

  • Expectations-

You need to have

  1. found sources
  2. annotated at least one of them, so that we can examine your style of annotation
  3. prepared one of your source reviews

You DO NOT need to have

  1. written your proposal
  2. narrowed down your sources (you may have some that you will not use in your final bibliography)


  • Sign up for Conferences!
  • Research!!
  • Check out The Proposal. Bring any questions to your conference!