Seminar Test Prep!

  • Today, sections 174 & 175 will meet for 2 hours (at 10am in OCNR 240) to prepare for the History Midterm Exam.
    • Rita and I will both be working with you to develop your essay skills!
    • Today's class counts for double participation in seminar!
  • Section 172 will meet at our regular time and place.
    • We will also spend time on Test Essay preparation, but we will be continuing our research from Monday, too.
    • Your continued research will be vital to the success of your conference on Friday!


  • Prepare for your History Midterm!
  • Come to conferences Friday ready to work with your research materials.
    • We'll be discussing your research materials in relation to annotating them (this is a very specialized kind of writing).
    • Don't miss out - your annotation drafts are due next Tuesday!