Library Evaluation

Topic Discussion

  • I'm going to hand back your Library Search sheets.
  • Rewrite what you wrote in the sections marked "interest" at the beginning of a new freewrite.
    • Use these ideas to explore your thoughts on topics you might want to explore in your Annotated Bibliography.
    • Once you've done a little brainstorming in your freewrite, we'll use a database that will help you explore this idea in connection with other topics!

Rhetorical Analysis Workshop

  • For the rest of the class period, you have some decisions to make.
    • If you would like me to help you work on your Rhetorical Analysis, I will come around and work with you to make revisions.
    • If you would prefer to work on the Analysis outside of class, you can continue to use the databases to explore topics for the Bibliography.
  • Whichever you choose, please use the class time wisely and productively.


  • List the three topics that you are most interested in researching.
    • Use the description of topics from the homework reading (Writing Without Authority, p.606), to think about which topic you might explore, in spite of not having much "domain knowledge" (p.613) of it.
    • In other words, identify the topic on your list that you know the least about!
    • Bring your ideas to class on Friday.