Section 172

  • Please be on time for your conference in my office today!

Sections 174 & 175


  • Let's take a few minutes to freewrite about the kind of information we've been investigating so far!


  • What goes into an annotation?
  • What does an annotation accomplish for your research?
  • How does an annotation help develop your understanding of your topic?
  • How do different types of sources fit this concept?
  • Let's use the questions you came up with to think about what is most important to have in your annotation.
    • Individually, write down the 3 most important questions on this list, in relation to your topic!
    • p.s. If your topic isn't on the list, you should come tell me so that we can add it!
  • Once you've decided on your questions, get together with your neighbors (in groups of three) to select the three most important from your group!
    • We'll use these to determine what I'll be looking for in your drafts! Choose wisely!


  • Read James Porter's Intertextuality and the Discourse Community on pages 86-97 of WAW by Wednesday.