• Penrose & Geisler's Reading and Writing Without Authority
    • What are claims, based on this reading
    • What do they mean by authors "speaking to each other"?
    • What does the "information-transfer model" mean?
    • How do you define authority?

Topic Narrowing

  • Topic Selection
    • Use your list of three subjects from Wednesday's homework assignment to narrow down some topics.
    • List as many topics within each subject as you can, but try to avoid narrowing them down to topic angles yet!

Writing Project 3 Discussion

Editing Reminders

  • MLA stuff
  • Spelling, Run-ons, Etc. (Read it backward!)
  • Remember that the purpose of editing is to polish your writing. Like a jeweler, you may have a valuable product, but no one will want to buy it until it's shiny and sparkly, so edit accordingly!

Exit Slips

  • On a scratch piece of paper, answer the following questions, anonymously:
  1. What can I do to improve your experience in this class?
  2. What have we done so far this semester that you feel you've most benefited from?
  3. If you could take over the class for a day, what would you have everyone do?
  4. What is your favorite musician?