• Freewrite today about the challenges you had with finding your first source!
    • Was it difficult to find what you were looking for?
    • Did you keep track of the search terms you used?
    • Does your article demonstrate something about your topic that you are interested in learning more about?
    • Do you have any idea where to look next?

Expanding Your Research

  • Finding additional media/internet sources for your topics
    • Remember to record what you find and where/how you found it!
  • Analyzing sources critically
    • Reading book reviews for book sources
    • Assessing the audience
    • Ulrich's guide
  • Exploit the bibliographies!
    • Once you've found some interesting article(s), go through their bibliographical listings and try to locate some of their resources!
    • I'll be coming around to help you do this!

Writing Your First Annotation


  • Find a book source by Monday!
    • If you can't find one that's available through the Bell Library, you'll need to request it through ILL!
  • First five annotations are due next Wednesday!