• How does my writing and research help me in my other classes?
  • What do I bring from my other classes into my writing and research?


This time, we will focus discussion on how your writing ties into your academic coursework and what you want to do more of with your writing.

What things have you learned in sociology (or any of your other classes) relate to the research you are doing for this portfolio? Can you tie any of those principles or ideas into your proposal?

Also, lets discuss the significance of the specific audiences for your proposals. By searching for a specific audience, did you learn anything about the bigger picture, in terms of your subject? Did the call for proposals give you a better idea of what is already out there and, possibly, how your research fits into that discussion?

Peer Reviews

Get into groups of 4 and share your work with your peers. critique eachother's work in terms of what needs to be accomplished to round out the proposal (eg. additional research, focus the topic, etc.)


  • Go over Chapter 8 in your Islander's Guide to Writing.
  • Make sure there isn't an avenue of research you have overlooked.
  • Refamiliarize yourself with plagiarism and make sure you haven't inadvertently plagiarised in any of your portfolio documents.
  • Make note of any questions you may come up with and bring them to class on Thursday.