• Take a moment to freewrite about the word theme.
    • What value does a theme have, especially for the audience?
    • Does a theme make writing easier? How?


  • Let's take the ideas you've developed so far and organize them into a manageable structure, based on how they connect to your other pre-writing!
  • First, Put together your materials:
    • You should have freewriting (esp. from 9/27), listing, and in-class work to utilize!
  • Next, you'll need to identify a coherent theme.
    • What ties all of your ideas together so far? Is there a particular message that you seem to be trying to convey here?
    • Try to put into words, a few key ideas or a longer sentence, what this theme seems to be so far.
  • Finally, we're going to make this all fit together!


  • Get together with a partner of your choice!
    • Discuss with each other the theme you've identified to familiarize your teammate with what you're trying to convey to your reader.
    • Use the rest of the class time to help each other build a working thesis for your introductions!
  • When you think you have a solid thesis statement put together, let me know so that I can check it out :)


  • Bring a revised draft for Peer Review on Monday!
    • Your draft should be at least two pages long and include all three elements described in the project description.
    • Your thesis statement should show up somewhere in this draft!
    • Don't be afraid to include more than you'll use in your final draft; the more you have to work with, the more productive your review will be!