• Example online portfolios
    • Keep in mind that these are for a different assignment than yours, so this isn't exactly like yours!
  • Materials for conferences:
    • Revisions of your draft (remember that they don't need to be polished yet, but you need to be adding to them, based on your peer review)
    • Portfolio examples (bring stuff that you are thinking about including in your portfolio, so that we can give feedback)
    • Charlotte Temple ideas!! This is really important! We need to have an idea of what you are planning!

Peer Review

  • Your draft should explore your ideas about freedom by:
    • Demonstrating at least two specific examples of rhetorical devices in Charlotte Temple.
    • Addressing the larger metaphor of American values that Charlotte's 19th century audience may have perceived.
  • This draft does not have to have:
    • An intro or conclusion
    • Good grammar
    • Fully developed ideas (especially if you haven't finished the book yet)
  • This draft does have to have:
    • A specific reference to freedom
    • Something that demonstrates change over time
  • To begin your peer review, read through the entire draft once.
    • After you have an idea of what the general idea in the draft is, go back and identify the things listed in the draft instructions.
    • In a new link on your reviewee's wiki, leave specific comments about the things from the list.
    • After addressing these specifics, write a paragraph that explains what you like most about the draft and what you think would be the most important thing to focus on during the next revision.
    • Sign your name to your wiki review!


  • Revise your drafts and bring them to your conference!