Peer Review

  • Be sure to bring your materials for peer review
    • Your drafts count as a homework grade
  • I'll explain (and we'll discuss) what to be focused on in terms of feedback before we begin.
    • Use your own experience drafting to help us tackle the biggest challenges this project presents!


  • Revise your drafts before class on Wednesday.
    • Our next class will be a workshop day
    • You'll have an opportunity to make some revisions and ask questions during our class time; use the opportunity wisely!
  • Sections 174 & 175 will meet in the library on Friday! The upstairs lab, LIC 216A, is where we'll be conducting some initial research for your next project. Be sure to be there on time!
  • Section 172 will meet in the library, room 109, next Monday. Meet in our regular room on Friday.