Genre Facilitations

section 141

  • Group 1: Andre Colman Mercedez
  • Group 2: Sergey Reid, Gabriella Cullum, Brenda Cammareri, Matt Carter
  • Group 3

Monica Kubecka, Candace Ginn, Emily McMullen, Michelle Stites

  • Group 4

Jim Hackett, CJ Downey, Ebonee Brown, Veronica Ayala

  • Group 5

Hillary Vallejo, Mike de la Garza, Sam Luna, Brick Munroe

section 140

  • Group 1

Cassidy, Paloma, Jordan E., Travis, Andrea

  • Group 2

John, Caroline, Miranda, Michael, Samantha K.

  • Group 3

Gisela, Samantha M., George, Shannon

  • Group 4

Sammy, Eric, Brandon, Cory, Thomas

  • Group 5

Eungu, Zeynep, Chris, Skeeter, Jordan


  • Look at the MLA website
  • Think of any questions you might want to bring up on Tuesday in regard to citations


  • What has this class meant to you, so far, in terms of your overall college experience?
  • Is there anything that could make this class better?
  • Is there anything in particular you thought was especially useful or informative that you learned in this class?