Your reflective overview is for both your Seminar Leader and myself. Your Seminar Leader will have specific requirements for your RO that you will follow. In addition, I am asking that you dedicate one part of your RO to reflect on the choices that you made in constructing your personal narrative essay. Why did you choose the writing process evidence you chose? How does it reflect your writing process? What else have you learned about writing/discourse/genre this portfolio sequence?

The Reflective Overview in a nutshell:

  • Discuss each piece of writing included, touching on the strengths of each.
  • Outline the process that you went through in developing your project document(s).
  • Demonstrate what this portfolio illustrates about you as a writer, student, researcher, or critical thinker.
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses but show how you've worked to overcome them.
  • Acknowledge the peer feedback that influenced your portfolio pieces and how.
  • Prepare your reader for a positive evaluation of your work.