Before we begin our peer reviews, lets go over the requirements for P2.


Take 5 minutes or so to write down the expectations you have for your paper. Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are in your writing and try to identify things that you would like to improve in your feature article.

We will use these freewrites as guidelines for review when we group up and examine each other's work!

Once you've gotten into groups for review, take time to go over with your partners this MLA format example. It highlights some of the new changes in MLA format and should be a useful tool for double-checking your in-text citations.

You might also refer back to the guidelines for using quotes that we discussed.

Remember to be constructive and thorough!


Bring any elements of your portfolio that you are still revising to work on in class on Thursday. We will be workshopping, so you won't be counted off if you are not here, but make sure to utilize this time to get feedback from me and finalize your work for P2!