Interactive Peer Review!

Take out your draft! Each round will be timed. Stay on task!

Round 1:Peer Review

Round 2: Peer Review

Round 3:Peer Review

Round 4: Peer Review

What is the purpose of this argument? What did it hope to achieve?

Was this speech effective? How do you know?

Who was the speaker?

Who was the audience for this argument?

Thinking about the historical context, what are the social, political, and economic factors that influenced the rhetorical situation?

How does the speaker use ethos, pathos and logos to achieve his/her purpose?

What are other important elements of the speech?

How does the language or style of the argument work to persuade an audience? (Lunsford & Ruszkiewicz, 2013, pgs. 92-93)

Get into your Writing Project Groups. Make a list of things you still need to do to complete your project and set deadlines to get those tasks done.