Freewrite and Discussion

Take a minute to consider the reading we did over the weekend.

  • How can this story help us understand the differences in generations?
  • In what ways does this story teach us about personal narrative?

Writing Workshop

  • Take your topics that we compiled and start prewriting what you are going to be writing about. Use Clustering/Mapping, Listing, or any other type of prewriting you are learning from reading Chapters 2 and 3 in the Islander Guide to Writing.
  • Make groups (work with your neighbor or move around the room, if you'd like) and examine the prewriting you just did. Are there similar themes or experiences that you share? Does your group have any ideas that you didn't think of? Discuss possibilities that work best for you.
  • Go through your journal and make notes and write descriptions of parts that have special meaning to you. In the same way that we analyzed the Alexie piece, you should be able to use your journal entry to reflect on the things that you have to say in your own personal narrative.
  • Begin or continue working on your autobiography. I need to see some progress, at least an intro or a body paragraph, by the end of class.


  • Use today's writing to compose a rough draft by Friday.
  • Think about your genre projects and make drafts of them, if it makes sense for you to do so at this point.
  • Read "Responding to Student Writing."