Project Document: Explore how your primary and secondary discourse communities have shaped your cross-cultural experiences, especially those experiences that involve written and verbal communication.

Each of you bring to the class individual experience and knowledge about culture and literacy in different discourse communities. We will start the portfolio section by developing a more cohesive idea of what a discourse community is and explore the kinds of composing that are employed by these discourse communities. For the project document, you will each construct a community autobiography to explore your place within various literacy groups.

The shape your community autobiography takes will depend on what discourse communities you explore and how you choose to explore them. You may wish to develop an overview of your communities, focus more deeply on a few, or reflect on one that impacted you the most. This is up to you and may be determined by what your pre-writing and freewriting reveals to you.

Drafting and Freewriting

Your portfolio will also need to include evidence of drafting. These can be drafts, notes you took, in-class writings or homework that relate to the project document, or any other form of exploratory writing which has contributed to your writing process. The collection of freewriting we do every day in class will also be turned in with the portfolio, but does not count as part of your drafting evidence. It is its own separate piece. Procrastination can affect this part of your grade severely, so make an effort to do some form of writing toward your project on a regular basis!

Portfolio One - Reflective Overview: Reflecting on the choices you made in constructing your community autobiography.

Your reflective overview is for both your Seminar Leader and myself. Your Seminar Leader will have specific requirements for your RO that you will follow. In addition, I am asking that you dedicate one part of your RO to reflect on the choices that you made in constructing your community autobiography. Why did you choose the genre you chose? How does it reflect your literacy, or what effect does it have for your audience? What else have you learned about your own writing process and writing/discourse/genre in general this portfolio sequence?

Grade Summary

  • Project Document: 40%
  • Evidence of Drafting/Journaling: 20%
  • Interview: 10%
  • Freewriting: 10%
  • Reflective Overview: 20%