Portfolio Two: Feature Story

The Assignment:

You are writing/creating/composing a feature story on a social issue of importance to you and/or your generation. Depending on the periodical you choose to write for, this can take many different forms and each article will be different; however, every writer's process will include two phases. First, your initial job is to research the issue thoroughly from all angles and perspectives, in essence answering the question "What is the Ongoing Conversation Surrounding Issue 'X'?" Throughout the process, you will build a body of research and research skills that will prepare you for both a feature story for P2 and the argumentative essay and visual presentation you will create for Portfolio 3 at the end of the semester.

To investigate a topic of your choice, possibly connected to your experience, your passions, your concerns, and to inform your audience about that topic. The context of this feature story is a newspaper or magazine for a popular audience. Your topic will be used for both P2 and P3, so it's important to choose something that fascinates you and that you actually want to learn about.

A feature story is an extended article written by a journalist or freelance writer, arising out of a need in society or current event that raises concerns and questions. The social issue must be something that different groups of people realistically view in very different ways. It must be relevant to people in our society. The feature story must outline the key "facts" of the issue and the various perspectives, supported by the evidence cited by those groups. It might explore various "solutions" presented by various groups re: the topics. It is supported by research, including possibly interviews, and sources for facts in the article are attributed to in-text.

Source List
In addition to the in-text attribution to sources, you will prepare an annotated bibliography of your sources in MLA format. I am requiring a minimum of 10 valid sources, at least 5 of which must come from scholarly sources (such as journals and books). The annotated bibliography is due on Monday, March 8th at the beginning of class.

Portfolio 2 Grade Distribution

Portfolio Two Checklist:

  • Feature Story
    • 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font (Times New Roman)
    • Incorporation of research - citations where appropriate
  • Annotated Bibliography - Due on Monday, March 8th at the beginning of class
    • 10+ sources, cited in MLA format with accompanying annotations
  • Research Proposal
  • Reflective Overview
  • Evidence