Portfolio 2

For this portfolio, you will compose several pieces of writing that will serve as a research portfolio of an issue of your choosing. By completing an Annotated Bibliography, a Research Proposal, and an Exploratory essay.

Through the preparation of these documents, you will prepare for the research project topic and visual presentation you will create at the end of the semester, and you will become an "expert" on the subject you choose to research.

Before You Begin
*You are going to be spending a lot of time with your issue, so choose something that fascinates you and that you feel strongly about. The research and writing you do for this portfolio will all be utilized in writing Portfolio 3.

  • Consult both of these assignment descriptions so that you have a better understanding of how you will use these writing projects.

Requirements and Forum

  • An Annotated Bibliography that includes 15 citations, 5 of which have separate, 1 page Source Reviews.
  • A Research Proposal in which you outline your plans for Writing Project 3 and your oral/visual presentation.
  • An Exploratory Essay in which you will begin to "unpack" the topic that you have chosen.
    • All documents must be formatted in MLA.
  • Evidence of learning and inquiry through writing will represent a broad range of documents and other requirements to show all work that has been completed throughout the Portfolio Two process.

Portfolio Two Grade Distribution
Annotated Bibliography/Source Reviews = 9 points
Research Proposal = 7 points
Exploratory Essay = 7 points
Evidence of Writing Process = 2 points

Portfolio 2 Grading Rubric Δ