For this final assignment, you will submit a portfolio that contains a collection of your work that has been purposefully selected and intentionally assembled by you to showcase your learning development with its success and struggles throughout the semester. You are free to select artifacts from any part of your writing experience, but you must include the genre elements that are required as part of your final research project, including the "Islander's Guide to Computer Science," a group-made webpage, and a demonstration of academic writing. The piece of writing that your portfolio will be most directly evaluated from is an extensive reflective overview, which is a piece of writing that presents the portfolio contents to readers / evaluators and that explains why particular contents were chosen and what they are meant to show. This project is due at your Final Exam. This project is designed to give you practice and experience with the following:

  • Explaining what you have learned from being a novice in new writing situations, and describing how these experiences, which might include failure, contributed to your willingness to accept new challenges as a writer; and
  • Evaluating the ways in which you have become a more reflective (mindful, self-aware, thoughtful) writer in specific genres and for specific audiences.

Project Components for Portfolio 2