Argument Essay/Research Paper

You will compose a well developed text keeping in mind the conventions used in your selected discourse community. This includes, but is not limited to, documentation styles, language (jargon) used in the selected field, and the expectations of the selected audience.

Concerns such as length or word count, spacing/layout, mode of delivery will be determined by the intended audience/discourse community and genre. I expect about 5 pages, though, and at least 7 different sources cited.

Reflective Overview

Your reflective overview is for both your Seminar Leader and myself. Your Seminar Leader will have specific requirements for your RO that you will follow. In addition, I am asking that you dedicate one part of your RO to reflect on your experience and learning in this Composition course.

Grade Summary

  • Final Paper - 30%
  • Bibliography/Works Cited - 10%
  • Pre-Writing/Drafting - 10%
  • Freewriting - 10%
  • Reflective Overview - 20%
  • First-Year Presentations - 20%