The Hypertext Argument

This assignment requires you to utilize the rhetorical skill that you've been developing throughout your Composition studies in both written and visual context. The resulting project will be an academically composed text that incorporates cited research, a developed thesis, and linking and imagery to convey to your audience your justification for your perspective on the conflict you've identified within the scope of your research topic.

  • Elements of this project include, but are not limited to:
    • A developed thesis, stating your stance on the conflict.
    • A review of ongoing discussions about your topic.
    • Support for your stance from at least 10 appropriate written sources.
    • A clear and thoughtful conclusion that addresses the importance of your conflict and the need for your audience's awareness of it.
  • Your hypertext projects will take many shapes and forms, but all should include the equivalent of at least 10 pages of standard format (MLA or APA style) writing. More than this is encouraged!
  • Grading for this assignment will be based on:
    • Written Rhetoric - 30%
      • Is your argument convincing and your discussion clear and focused?
      • Have you addressed your audience appropriately?
      • Does your writing demonstrate sound logic/avoid logical fallacies?
    • Visual Rhetoric - 30%
      • Does your use of imagery clearly reflect your discussion?
      • Do your links help your reader to create their own understanding of your topic?
      • Is your project organized and easily navigable?
    • Research and Editing - 20%
      • Have you utilized an appropriate amount of research material and developed your argument through it?
      • Is your writing polished and suitable for academic publication?
    • Presentation of your argument - 10%
    • A Reflective Overview - 10%