This is the EXACT essay prompt from last year's exam.

Indian Sovereignty in the American West

Explain Standing Bearís historical significance. How does his experience reflect the ďhuman troubleĒ of Manifest Destiny and Indian Removal? How would you compare Standing Bearís quest for Indian sovereignty to either Wovokaís or Sitting Bullís? Which Indian leaderís point of view would you have supported and why? Why do their concerns about Indian sovereignty continue to matter today?

A well-written essay meets the following expectations:

  • You must use historical facts and evidence from the text, lectures and films to write your essay.
  • You must provide detailed examples to explain your answer to each question. For instance, state the example, describe what it means, and elaborate on it as much as possible.
  • Your essay must be a minimum of four paragraphs long, but a successful essay is much longer and includes as much detail as possible to thoroughly answer each question.
  • You must write the essay in your own words to the best of your ability. Do not copy the textbook or other sources because that is considered plagiarism.