Write for 5-10 minutes about what inspiration you have had for your visual project so far. Try to identify specific attributes of your visual project that you think will be most effective and why they are effective techniques in other contexts (i.e. in what other instances have you seen these rhetorical choices and why do they stand out to you?).

Let's go through some presentation pointers and discuss how to make your projects effective.

Visual Rhetoric Checklist

Sample Power Point Presentation about Power Point

The Key to Creating an Effective Presentation

Creating Effective Poster Presentations

Free Video Tools

OK, now that we have established some good practices for presentation, let's brainstorm how they apply to the work you've done so far:

  • Make a word cloud with your A2A essay here and see what your focal points are in your essay.
    • Identify what your central concepts are.
    • Ask yourself if you are relying on anything too much or not enough.
    • Utilize this visualization of your argument to help translate your argument into your FYC presentation.
    • Along with a partner, see if you can decipher each other's arguments, based on your clouds. Are the key words representative of the main points? If you can't easily explain why key words are prominent in your cloud, you should discuss ways that your visual presentation can reinforce those points without your help.
    • Email your word cloud to me for homework credit.


  • Continue working on your A2A! You should be working toward the completion of a full draft so that you can begin examining your presentation ideas.