For this project, you will work with three or four students for our class whose research connects to your own, based on key ideas about Computer Science. Together, you will create and design a webpage that demonstrates scholarly academic insight into your chosen topic and presents it to a formal, academic audience. The idea is NOT to create four or five individual presentations, but to create one, cohesive presentation in which you all share your specific research to point your audience to a shared conclusion. Given that this presentation is based on academic research, you will not be allowed to present unless you have submitted evidence of your research. You will need to make many composing decisions about content and format in collaboration with your group members. Additionally, your group will have the opportunity to present as a panel at the First Year Research Conference. This project is designed to give you practice and experience with the following:

  • Demonstrating critical thinking by combining, changing, or reapplying information, gathering and assessing information relevant to a question, and analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information;
  • Using writing and research to achieve a specific purpose while working with new writing situations;
  • Working with particular, situation-appropriate conventions of writing, such as APA citation and style; and
  • Working and writing in collaborative settings.