Your Presentations in Composition will begin VERY soon!

In-class presentation groups?

  • Triad E Themes: slavery, revolution/revolt, gender and women's rights, cultural encounters, citizenship, power, freedom/liberty/rights, dispossession

Symbolism, Allusion, Color, and Metaphor

  • Let's review what these terms mean...
  • Visual Rhetoric= making an argument without even opening your mouth; rather it is using images to communicate messages. By carefully choosing images, colors, fonts and design to get your points across, the audience will be able to understand what your perspective, or rather, what call to action you are making with your research!

Now think:

  • If I were to choose a symbol for my oral visual presentation, what would it be? Do I want to use multiple symbols?
  • If I were to use color in my presentation, which ones? Why?
  • What is a metaphor that would be appropriate for my project? (For example, "Because of the Indian Removal Act, the Cherokee said Andrew Jackson was the devil").


  • You will need to sketch out your presentation.
  • Here is the template: Research Presentation Template for group presentations!
  • In your groups, you need to decide:

1.) Who will present first?

2.) What kind of images could you each use to represent your research?

3.) How will your images make an argument? Reach my audience? Support your call to action ?

4.) What is my call to action ? How am I going to get this across to my audience?