Press Conference!

Don't let this happen to you!

At First-Year Celebration, people are going to come up to you with various questions about your topic. You need to be prepared for this! So, today we're going to practice answering questions about issues you should know about.

In your groups, you will be responsible for TWO things based on the handouts I give you:

  1. You will serve as "PRESS" for the first term/concept. Prepare 5 questions based on the first term/concept. Make sure your questions are FAIR, but that they ask for a variety of types of knowledge (names, dates, and details...but also big ideas too). Your questions should range from "easy" to "challenging"...
  2. Become "EXPERTS" on the second term/concept. Find it in your notes and make sure EVERYONE knows their stuff! Be prepared for ANY question (within reason) that your classmates might ask you about your term/concept!

Press Conference Rules

  1. Arrange the desks so that we have a pentagonal shape! Each team should represent one edge of the pentagon.
  2. I will number the groups from 1-5. Then I will call a number randomly. That's the group that will serve as PRESS first.
    1. A PRESS member will read a single question for the EXPERTS. (On subsequent turns, the same PRESS member can't ask a question twice in a row!)
    2. One person from the EXPERTS must answer the question. (On subsequent turns, the same EXPERT can't talk twice in a row!)
  3. We will continue this process as time permits!