Long live the victory of the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteers Army! The Korean War (China)

Hey, we couldn't help but notice that disgusting layer of filth currently coating your entire body, how about hitting a bath house after work, you nasty goon? Take a Bath! (USSR)

Factory workers who can't keep secrets are hurting the Third Reich's war effort. Shame on You, Chatterer! (Nazi Germany)

How awesome is the Soviet Union? So awesome that anyone can afford to buy a brand new car. If that was a lie, would this man be sitting in a brand new car? Save Up and Buy a Car! (USSR)

If you don't carpool, you're a fascist. Riding in a Car with Adolf Hitler (USA)

The Soviet Union is building a better tomorrow. And we've got the modest, one-bedroom apartments to prove it! Building a Better Tomorrow (USSR)

Don't use the telephone! The enemy may be listening! Quiet! (USSR)

If you overeat, you're a capitalist pig. Eat Sensibly (USSR)

Shut your dirty mouth, woman! If you spend your day blabbing about the war instead of making dinner and babies, the Communists win. Wanted (USA)

Safety. It's horse sense! Horse Sense (USA)

Do your chores... and be happy about it! Fieldwork Does Not Wait! (USSR)

Making Adolf Hitler look evil. Oh, Yeah? (USA)

Hey, Soviet kids! If you exercise and bathe regularly, maybe one day you can grow up to be proud Russian soldier! The Soviet Muscle Men (USSR)

Those Nazis currently overtaking your country? Don't let them get to you. Keep Calm and Carry On (UK)

Capitalism sucks! Don't Trust Capitalism (USSR)

Buy War Bonds, or the kids will die! DEAR GOD, Keep Them Safe (USA)

Hey, what's with all the hostility? There's no reason China and Taiwan can't be friends. The Feeling of the Sisters of the Two Coasts (China)

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