Step One

Write Your Thoughts

This part is informal, unstructured, and should gather your thoughts into a couple of paragraphs without having to refer to your notes

You don't even need to be factually accurate here; you can fix things that don't add up later

If you're working in a group, you can do this individually before you put your ideas together!

Step Two

Identify Key Topics

Focus on what your main ideas are and how they connect

At this point, you should bring in some of your research to help solidify your points

Consider adding something personal here; sometimes, your personal investment in the research will help make your proposal relatable!

Step Three

Clarify Your Wording

Take time to craft your key topics into coherent sentences that connect in a sensible order

This should serve as your basic draft of your proposal

Take length into consideration at this point; word limits specified by the committee should be adhered

Step Four

Get Some Advice

At this point, you should show your work to some fresh eyes

I'd like to give you feedback once you've reached this point

Step Five

Make Revisions

Use feedback to adapt your writing to the purpose and audience you intend to submit it to

Step Six

Submit It!!

Rather than writing your proposal submission in the text box provided by most conference committees, copy and paste your revised and adapted work

Be confident that you've conveyed your message and understand that it will be evaluated by how well it meets the needs of the conference, not just how "good" it is

Keep researching so that you are following through on your commitment to your proposal

Check your email; sometimes a conference committee will ask you to resubmit your proposal if they think it's good, but need to know specific things before accepting it!