Freewriting is a technique that involves continuous writing, usually for a predetermined period of time (in this case five minutes). The writer writes without regard to spelling, grammar, etc., and makes no corrections. If the writer reaches a point where they can't think of anything to write, they write that they can't think of anything, until they find another line of thought. The writer freely strays off topic, letting thoughts lead where they may. This particular freewrite is a focused freewrite, meaning that a chosen topic will structure your thoughts. Expanding from this topic, the thoughts may stray to make connections and create more abstract views on the topic. This technique helps you explore a particular subject before putting ideas into a more basic context.

Take out a sheet of paper and something to write with. Reflect upon the following:

You have a rhetorical analysis due on Friday, February 15th by 3pm !

  • What is your understanding of this assignment? (What are you supposed to do? What is the purpose?)

When I say to begin, freewrite based on the prompt!

Feel free to be TOTALLY honest about your understanding (or lack thereof)!