Nast-y Rhetoric

  • Today we are going to conduct a rhetorical analysis of Thomas Nast's 1874 "Worse than Slavery" cartoon
  • Perspectives
    1. Southern plantation owners
    2. Freedmen
    3. KKK members
    4. Radical Republicans
    5. Civil War veterans (Union)
    6. Andrew Johnson
  • Rhetorical Analysis Components
    1. Summary: Describe the image in detail. How is your perspective represented in the image?
    2. Context: What was going on in America during this time period (1874)? What kinds of things are happening to people from your assigned perspective? What do you think led Nast to draw this image?
    3. Audience: Who is the intended audience for this image? How would members of your group view this image?
    4. Purpose: What was the main purpose for creating this image? What do you think Nast was trying to accomplish when he drew this image?
    5. Appeals: What types of appeals are being used (ethos/pathos/logos) in this image? Do you think the artist is someone from your assigned perspective? Explain!
    6. Evaluation: From the perspective of your group, is this image making an accurate or effective argument? Why or why not?