Welcome to my Reflective Overview!

My portfolio 3 I felt was a success because I did so much to prepare for it through portfolio 2. I enjoyed presenting my information and giving my look on "Big Brother" in society.

Each piece of evidence presented was in direct corrolation to my portfolio because it was all info that I used to put together portfilio 3. A lot of it was stuff directly used from portfolio 2 which was great because part of it was already slapped out of the way.

I actually really did like these past 2 projects because of how I went about my research and how I followed through with the final product. Also I think that I chose a topic that everyone semingly can relate to on a day to day basis, so people were able to think directly about my "Security" topic and how it does or can affect them in their lives.

I definitely believe that I will benefit from the things that I learned in this course. Ive always felt like English courses in general bring alot to the table as far as learning is concerned, and your class was far from an exception. Now granted it may have been a bit off the wall from other courses due to the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," but overall it was a great learning experience!

Just wanted to thank you for being a great down to earth teacher who really can relate to his students. Your teaching has been greatly appreciated!

Thanks Sean!