Motivations For Enslavement

  • Based on some of the primary sources from Voices of Freedom and the analysis in Give Me Liberty!, you've learned how slavery and minority rights are intertwined with democracy in Early America.
    • In groups today, I'd like you to look over the list of American laws and events that I've given you and analyze some of the data it presents us.
    • Mark each event with a plus or minus, depending on whether you think it had a positive or negative impact on slaves and/or minorities.
    • Each member of your group will be assigned a page of the timeline.
    • Once you've marked each page, go through the data as a group and answer the following questions:
  1. How much control over their own fate do minorities have? Does it change over time?
  2. Is change linear? Is it exponential?
  3. In general, have decisions about slavery been more beneficial to the nation's well being at any particular time?
  4. What role do perceptions of religious authority have on these decisions? Do you see evidence of the discussion from lecture here?
  • When you finish, we'll debrief as a class.