The last piece you will write for your journal is a reflective overview of what insights you have gained through the research process. The piece will be about 750-1000 words. This reflection should serve as a guideline for incorporating your research into your argument essay; however, this piece is not evaluative. You do not need to argue for a specific grade on the journal, but you do need to demonstrate an understanding of your research process.

The reflection will address:

  • A summary of how all the sources related or provided background for your research project.
    • For example, you might explain what different or similar theories have been proposed about your topic.
  • What article, or part of an article, was the most interesting to you? What fascinating information did you learn?
  • What were the challenges you faced during this research process? How did you overcome these challenges?
  • What steps you took in finding your information.

This entire project should follow MLA Format and all that MLA formatting entails. My advice to you is to format this from the get go. You can use a citation generator, but always double check your entries for consistency and accuracy. Refer to the OWL for details and examples.