Effective Visual Rhetoric

Iconic Symbols

  • McDonald's "M" symbolizes fast food in general. Clever use of the "M" as an "E" in this image

Historical Allusion

  • Use of color (Mast head usually red; symbolic use of Green
  • Use of iconic image of the Battle of Iwo Jima
  • Use of symbol (tree replaces the flag)
  • Methaphor: "win the war" Comparing battling climate change to the "good war" -- WWII.
  • Black & white for "old" image...color for "new" image

Using Symbols & Metaphor

  • Symbolic use of "stars and stripes"
  • Specific metaphor: "blood = oil" achieved by replacing the tank gun w/ gas pump & b/c the "oil" or "gas" is red, not black or brown

Appealing to a specific audience

  • Cartoonish image
  • Child-like font (mix of capital and lowercase letters)
  • Anthropomorphism of chick (The chick is talking...I'm not a nugget vs. She's not a nugget
  • Happy, simple color scheme

Effective PowerPoints