It's Round Robin time!

So... how are you gonna do this?!

  • First things first... let's start with this!
  • Round One:
    • Your task: Go to each person's seat and read their claim. Based on what they have written, write a question about their topic...what would you want to know more about? What is unclear?
  • Be thoughtful in asking the questions you pose. You might be helping someone out in a real way, giving them ideas, helping them to look at their topic from a different perspective, etc. After a few minutes, you will move onto the next seat. You will continue doing this until you return your original seat.
  • Once the Round Robin starts, your paper should look like THIS.
  • Find a partner and share what others had to say about your perspective!
  • Round Two: Select one of the questions you received and attempt to come up with a list of search terms/phrases you could use to find more information!

Use your Round Robin questions to conduct more specific research if necessary (find the answers to the questions you were asked). You may want to search through your sources and see if the issues raised in the questions are in them! You may also use your new search terms to find additional articles and add them to your research!