Portfolio 3 should include:

  1. Your Argument Essay, which should have:
  • A clear thesis, supported throughout the paper - 7 pts
  • At least three in-text citations (at least 5, for those of you in the FYRC) - 4 pts
    • Citations can be in the form of direct quotes or paraphrases, but must be cited following MLA guidelines
    • Try to cite at least one source more than once
  • Drafting (at least two examples; one can be from in-class writing) - 2 pts
  • Works Cited - 2 pts
    • Follow MLA guidelines
    • Don't risk plagiarism!
  1. Your Genre Projects, which should have:
  • Some form of written expression - 4 pts (all 7 for FYRC participants)
  • Another genre, which doesn't necessarily need to be written (you don't need this second example if you are in the FYRC) - 3 pts
  • In some way, expressed the argument from your paper - criterion for rating each project
  1. Reflective Overview, which should have:
  • A thoughtful reflection on the process of writing - 3 pts
  • A defense of your genre choices - 3 pts
    • Explain why you feel your genres were a good medium for your topic
    • Tell me how you feel your genre projects describe or inform your argument
  • What you have learned from completing this project and can utilize in the future- 2 pts