Be sure not to sign up during your Seminar class time!

Meet with me in the downstairs atrium of the Faculty Center. I'll be on or around the wooden benches inside the front door. Please be on time and bring anything with you that I can't access from my computer!!

8:30 Tung Dao
8:45 Alex Mayfield
9:00 Josh Sifuentes
9:15 Cecilia M.
9:30 Callie Byerly
9:45 Matt Berlanga
11:00Ibrahim AkdemirTony Saldibar
11:15 Mercedes Salazar
11:30 Matthew Ayala
11:45Garry AvilaMichael Moreno
11:45 Dalton Curran
12:00Aaron DeitzJames Cervantes
12:15Erielle BustamantesColin Murphy
12:30Mikel-Ryan & MattLee Yoon
12:45 Erwin & JJ
1:00 Geroge Marroquin
1:15 Vincent Salas
1:30 Martha Fonseca
1:45 Michael Banks
2:00N/AVictor Gonzalez
2:15N/AShelby Gelabert
2:30N/AKelly Plaia
2:45N/AMatthew Anderson
3:00N/AJacob Gonzales
3:15N/AMarcus Garner
3:45N/ARaymond Garcia