Conference Sign Ups

Conferences will be held in the Faculty Center, at the wooden benches in the atrium (near the front doors). Please be punctual, so that others do not have to wait for their scheduled time. There is no regular class meeting Monday and Wednesday; the conferences take the place of classroom instruction.

Peer Review

Get into groups of three and examine each other's work. Remember to use good review etiquette and to give more feedback than just "I liked it" or "I think you need to add more." Discuss your comments with each other!


Complete a second draft for conferences next week. Use your Islander Guide, Chapter 3, as a reference for revision. I expect to see a draft that is close to complete (it should be several pages). We will be editing on Friday, so don't stress grammatical issues too much yet. Get your message into your paper! Remember that it is due on the 10th!