This part of your project will serve as the written component of this portfolio, but will also incorporate techniques of visual rhetoric.

Each student will be required to design a unique wiki page based on their chosen technology topic which describes the most recent developments and answers the question "Why do we have this technology today?", and may or may not be interconnected with the wiki pages of classmates in their facilitation group. The incorporation of at least 10 of the sources from your research (all 5 academic sources along with at least 5 others, academic or not) will be required for an "A" on this project.

A successful wiki presentation will demonstrate the following things:

  • Clear and useful information about the state of the technology as it exists today.
  • Evidence of historical trends that have led to the development of this technology.
  • Investigations into the social standards and desires that have promoted the development of the technology.
  • Implications of the technology's use and continued development on particular communities of cultural difference.

An "A" wiki project meets these 4 criteria, as well as demonstrating creative use of recursive linking within the page itself. Images and words are incorporated together to create an interesting, informative presentation with minimal grammatical errors and proper citation of source material.

A "B" wiki project meets these 4 criteria, but may not have much depth of presentation, little or no use of images and linked pages, confusing or distracting information about the topic, and/or improper use of sources.

A "C" project meets at least some of the 4 criteria, but may not be organized effectively, use many sources, or demonstrate much evidence of research.

A "D" project meets one of the criteria but does not fulfill the rest of the goals for the project.

An "F" meets none of the criteria for the project.