The Impact Paper

This assignment builds upon the research from your second portfolio to develop an argument for or against some aspect of your chosen technology topic. It should include a thesis that calls for action to be taken. This action will depend on your individual topic, but may seek various ends such as funding for your technology to be applied to a particular field, such as medicine or education; it may ask for the regulation of certain uses of your technology that may be harmful if left unchecked; it may endorse your technology as a better alternative to competing or existing technologies. Whatever your opinion on the topic (as developed during your research), you will support your thesis with strong evidence from the published material in your bibliographical resource list.

  • A strong thesis will be essential to your argument
  • Citation of at least 5 academic sources, in at least 10 instances, will provide support for your argument
  • A strong conclusion that could result in a specific action will complete your essay

Don't forget to cite your sources!

Thus, your essay will be graded according to the following rubric:

  • Strong thesis - 25/100 pts.
    • Utilize the class plans on thesis building for reference
  • Incorporation of sources -
    • 10 in-text citations - 20/100 pts.
      • Quotes, Summaries, or Paraphrases, used effectively
    • 5 academic sources - 10/100 pts.
    • Reference list with at least 15 sources - 15/100 pts.
  • Good argument - 15/100 pts.
  • Strong conclusion - 10/100 pts.
    • Specific course of action
    • Summarization of key points
    • Reiteration of thesis
  • Grammar - 5/100 pts.