• Now that we are firmly established in our Portfolio 3 process, I'd like you to consider your goals for your project. Think rhetorically (audience, context, etc.) and try to identify what you hope your project accomplishes when it's all said and done.

Visual Drafting

  • Today's classtime will be dedicated to organizing your visual rhetoric. Think back to your freewrite and ask yourself how your goals apply to the visual construction of your project so far (even if your ideas are still only in your head).
  • Work today on applying your argument to your visual presentation.
    • Does your argument call for shock value to captivate your audience?
    • Do you need to have some clever linking of images to demonstrate your side of the argument?
    • Is there some kind of metaphor for your argument that you could demonstrate visually?
  • I'll be coming around as you work to go over your research reviews individually. Please have it open in a separate tab or window so that I can check it out when I get to you.


  • Wednesday is Peer Review day! You'll need to have something created for each of the major parts of your wiki project by then. You've already got some bibliographic information; your research review should be drafted; your argument should be somewhere; the body of your argument needs to have some development.
    • Keep in mind that presentations of your argument are coming up next week! You need to have something on your wiki that helps you demonstrate that! I'll discuss presentation requirements Wednesday, but keep it in mind while working on your project.