• The freewrite today should be in relation to your experience with presenting in front of an audience. What kinds of presentations have you given in the past? What did you do to make them successful? What were they about and for whom were they given?


  • Let's discuss your presentations that are coming up soon.
    • First of all, let's identify the guidelines for presenting.
      • Presentations should be approximately 5 minutes long. That's not very long, so keep your time frame in mind as you prepare for this!
      • Presentations should convey your thesis clearly and in context. If your thesis isn't where you want it to be, then you need to get it there!
      • You should be using your wiki to demonstrate some of your points. If you haven't developed any of your ideas within the framework of your wiki project, you should start applying your ideas to it!
  • With that said, let's watch a video about good presentation practices.
    • Remember that your presentations are relatively short, so keeping to the point (focus on your thesis) is essential.
    • Making some notecards of the main points of your argument will help keep you on target and on time.
    • You should use your wiki to reinforce your argument. You will not be judged on how complete your wiki is at this point, but you will lose points if you don't use it at all.
    • Putting together your presentation should be a good part of your revision process; in other words, use this presentation as an opportunity to better organize your argument for your wiki!
    • Remember to practice before you present! The presentation will count for 10% of your overall portfolio grade, so don't just "wing it".

Peer Review

  • The rest of the class is dedicated to reviewing each other's wiki projects.
    • I want you to look at someone's stuff that you may not have seen yet, so I'll number you and ask you to move into the corresponding groups.
    • Try to assess your groups' projects so far based on the four major components:
  1. Thesis - how well is the main argument formulated?
  2. Research Review - is there a good overview of the context of the discussion?
  3. Argument - what are the main points that are discussed?
  4. Bibliography - is there good use of source incorporation yet?


  • Monday is the due date for your Integrated Assignment. On Friday you'll need to bring a full draft of it to class, so that you can be prepared to edit it over the weekend. We'll examine your drafts in relation to the grading criteria in class on Friday.