Leftover Presentations for section 240

  • Nina Garza
  • Brandy Mallory
  • JD Cortez
  • Jared Garcia
  • Jasmine Green
  • Nicholas Warman
  • Sarah Trevino
  • Bobby Garcia

Criteria Evaluation

  • Today we're going to conduct a bit of an unorthodox peer review.
    • Since you all have your stuff online, you should be able to go over each other's materials in pairs.
    • Use the rubric for the project to assess your neighbor's work so far. Use the questions as a checklist and assign a grade of 1-10 for each part. You'll turn this in to me at the end of class, so be sure to write it down!
    • As usual, I'll be coming around to answer any questions you might have, so be sure to flag me down if you need me.

  • Also, a colleague of mine is doing a survey for her graduate studies. Take it if you get the chance, it will help her out! It takes five minutes. Here's the link: http://compcmcit.questionpro.com/.


  • Use what you learned about your project today to continue to revise your wiki. You should have a majority of your written content by Wednesday in order to be on track; if you don't, then it's about time to get it in gear!